Holocaust Scheme of Work

Big Question – Why should we remember the Holocaust? Lesson Title Content Suggested activities 1 How have attitudes towards Jews changed between 70AD–1881? Introduce Judaism & the Holocaust – definitions – key facts & figures Timeline of the persecution of Jews: 70 AD-1881 • Starter – Mind map: what do you already know about theContinue reading “Holocaust Scheme of Work”

No Laughing Matter: The Holocaust & Humour – Yoni Berrous

Yoni’s lecture focused on Jewish humour leading up to, and during the Holocaust – the darkest chapter of Jewish history. If I’m honest, I didn’t understand every example Yoni showed us; this is mostly because they have been translated and thus may not carry the same meaning, but there is also a stark difference inContinue reading “No Laughing Matter: The Holocaust & Humour – Yoni Berrous”