How is capitalism useful for understanding queer history?

Introduction In 2013, Witeck Communications estimated the buying power of the LGBT community in the USA to be around $830 billion, however the commercial viability of the ‘pink pound’ as a market segment is still being contested.[1] Business and media industries in the UK and the USA have both directly and indirectly targeted the queerContinue reading “How is capitalism useful for understanding queer history?”

A Town Rife with Rumour

Introduction ‘A Town Rife with Rumour’ is an article which featured in the News of the World on the 25th July 1954 which tells of a court case against seventeen men accused of same-sex desire offences.[1] Although not directly targeting the pink pound, the existence of this article demonstrates a link between homosexuality and capitalismContinue reading “A Town Rife with Rumour”