How far was the appeal of Fascist ideology due to corporatism?

Corporatism, along with a totalitarian government, a heroic leader, extreme nationalism, militarism and hatred of communism, were the features of Fascism that Mussolini created. Each central feature appealed to a different group of the population. The appeal of Fascist ideology was due to Corporatism. Corporatism was the state controlled economic plans which would aim toContinue reading “How far was the appeal of Fascist ideology due to corporatism?”

How is capitalism useful for understanding queer history?

Introduction In 2013, Witeck Communications estimated the buying power of the LGBT community in the USA to be around $830 billion, however the commercial viability of the ‘pink pound’ as a market segment is still being contested.[1] Business and media industries in the UK and the USA have both directly and indirectly targeted the queerContinue reading “How is capitalism useful for understanding queer history?”

A Town Rife with Rumour

Introduction ‘A Town Rife with Rumour’ is an article which featured in the News of the World on the 25th July 1954 which tells of a court case against seventeen men accused of same-sex desire offences.[1] Although not directly targeting the pink pound, the existence of this article demonstrates a link between homosexuality and capitalismContinue reading “A Town Rife with Rumour”