Countering Hate Speech #BeLouder

Julia Mozer, communication officer and hate speech adviser for CEJI: A Jewish Contribution to an Inclusive Europe, gave the HET Ambassadors tips on countering hate speech. There was a bitter irony to the timing of this session, as it closely succeeded the tragic death of George Floyd. The conversation, therefore – whilst initially about respondingContinue reading “Countering Hate Speech #BeLouder”

Interpretations of the Suffragette Movement (with focus on Emily Davison)

Introduction The Representation of the People Act of 1918, saw the vote given to all men and some women; this is arguably the greatest turning point in the history of British democracy (Historical Association, 2018). Despite women having to wait another decade to vote on equal terms as men, it was a breakthrough moment forContinue reading “Interpretations of the Suffragette Movement (with focus on Emily Davison)”

No Laughing Matter: The Holocaust & Humour – Yoni Berrous

Yoni’s lecture focused on Jewish humour leading up to, and during the Holocaust – the darkest chapter of Jewish history. If I’m honest, I didn’t understand every example Yoni showed us; this is mostly because they have been translated and thus may not carry the same meaning, but there is also a stark difference inContinue reading “No Laughing Matter: The Holocaust & Humour – Yoni Berrous”

AmCon 2020 – Welcome

Karen Pollock opened AmConAt Home as usual, by declaring how much comfort, joy and reassurance it gave her to see so many Ambassadors. She spoke of how thrilled Holocaust survivors are that we exist to continue telling their stories. This year marks 75 years since the liberation of Bergen-Belsen – I cannot believe how quicklyContinue reading “AmCon 2020 – Welcome”

Friendsfest 2017

The one where Rachel visits Chandler and Joey’s apartment. Between the 15-24 September 2017, Friendsfest set up camp in London at Clissold Park, the last of its six-city tour. The event kickstarted in back in 2015, just over a decade after the final episode was aired on TV, with tickets selling out in minutes. TicketsContinue reading “Friendsfest 2017”

Musings on holiday reading (2017)

Too small, too heavy. I can’t fit them all in my suitcase – disaster! I finally have my summer holiday booked and the first thing that excites me is getting to choose which books I take with me on my travels. Every year I misjudge it – usually I don’t take enough. My mother suggestedContinue reading “Musings on holiday reading (2017)”

Lili Elbe ‘The Danish Girl’

Lili Elbe, also known as Einar Wegener, was a Danish transgender woman who was one of the first recipients of sex reassignment surgery. Einar married Gerda Gottlieb in 1904 after meeting during their time at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Copenhagen. Einar and Gerda proceeded to live together as successful professional painters. Einar’sContinue reading “Lili Elbe ‘The Danish Girl’”

How important was the fear of Communism in explaining the rise of power of Hitler and the Nazi’s?

During the 1920’s & 30’s, support for Hitler and the Nazi’s grew. Communism was seen as a threat as it was very left wing and would result in everything being State provided, total equality, and therefore the loss of profit. The fear of Communism was important in explaining the rise of power of Hitler andContinue reading “How important was the fear of Communism in explaining the rise of power of Hitler and the Nazi’s?”

How far was the appeal of Fascist ideology due to corporatism?

Corporatism, along with a totalitarian government, a heroic leader, extreme nationalism, militarism and hatred of communism, were the features of Fascism that Mussolini created. Each central feature appealed to a different group of the population. The appeal of Fascist ideology was due to Corporatism. Corporatism was the state controlled economic plans which would aim toContinue reading “How far was the appeal of Fascist ideology due to corporatism?”