How do the ‘Carry On…’ films reflect attitudes towards gender and sexuality?

The Carry On films (1958–1978) are a series of 30 British comedy films. For the purpose of this piece of work, I’m going to ignore the 31st film (1992)  for three reasons: firstly, my box set doesn’t include it, secondly my favourite stars of the franchise, Charles Hawtrey and Kenneth Williams, have died quite tragicContinue reading “How do the ‘Carry On…’ films reflect attitudes towards gender and sexuality?”

Pride: Lesbians and Gays supporting the miners 1984-85

Support groups throughout the UK were encouraged to pair with a mining community after the Thatcher administration stopped distributing the funds of the National Union of Mineworkers. The Lesbians and Gays Support the Miners (LGSM) was formed by Mark Ashton and Michael Jackson after the pair began collecting in the 1984 Pride march in London.Continue reading “Pride: Lesbians and Gays supporting the miners 1984-85”

Visiting Holocaust Sites

On the 25th February 2015 I visited Auschwitz, Poland, with the Holocaust educational trust as part of the Lessons from Auschwitz programme (LFA). Whilst I was there I visited a pre-war Jewish Cemetry, Auschwitz I & Auschwitz II. On the week beginning 6th April I visited the Anne Frank House, the Old Jewish Quarter, theContinue reading “Visiting Holocaust Sites”

AmCon 2018 – Hear My Voice

On Monday 2nd July I had the privilege of attending my 3rd Holocaust Educational Trust Ambassador Conference. I knew this conference would feel different to the previous ones I’ve attended as I still have the keys to my student accommodation and could stay in London the night before, as opposed to getting up at 5amContinue reading “AmCon 2018 – Hear My Voice”

Mala Tribich

‘When you hear from a witness, you become a witness’ – Elie Wiesel This is the third time I have had the priviledge of hearing Mala tell her story. Yesterday, Mala joined the Holocaust Educational Trust (HET) to live stream her testimony, to give not just us Ambassadors, but our friends, families and anyone whoContinue reading “Mala Tribich”

Impact of COVID-19 on a PGCE Student

15th April 2020 I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about my future over the last week or so – as you can probably tell, I’m someone who likes to have a plan in place! The current situation with COVID-19 however, seems to think otherwise and it’s making me quite anxious that nothing is setContinue reading “Impact of COVID-19 on a PGCE Student”

AmCon 2015

Introduction Peter Bazalgette, TV producer: As I’ve stated previously, this year marks the 70th year of the liberation of the Holocaust camps. Peter Bazalgette, Chair of the UK Holocaust Memorial Foundation opened the Conference with a speech on Remembering For the Future. This was especially relevant after the death of Nicholas Winton (liberator), often describedContinue reading “AmCon 2015”

Finding your voice as a leader with Lord Browne of Madingley in conversation with Judge Robert Rinder

Disclaimer : The wording of this transcript is not 100% accurate, this is due to the pace of the live interview & my typing speed. For example, I have restructured the questions after making a brief note of the theme whilst listening to the interview. Direct quotations are clearly indicated. Judge Rinder : Lord Browne,Continue reading “Finding your voice as a leader with Lord Browne of Madingley in conversation with Judge Robert Rinder”

Popular misconceptions of the Holocaust – what can we do?

This was probably my favourite session of AmCon at home as I was in the middle of devising a scheme of work on the Holocaust for my PGCE. I’m gutted I didn’t have the chance to deliver it and tackle some of these issues in the classroom. Catrina Kirkland, HET’s education officer who delivers theirContinue reading “Popular misconceptions of the Holocaust – what can we do?”

Holocaust Scheme of Work

Big Question – Why should we remember the Holocaust? Lesson Title Content Suggested activities 1 How have attitudes towards Jews changed between 70AD–1881? Introduce Judaism & the Holocaust – definitions – key facts & figures Timeline of the persecution of Jews: 70 AD-1881 • Starter – Mind map: what do you already know about theContinue reading “Holocaust Scheme of Work”