AmCon 2020 – Welcome

Karen Pollock opened AmConAt Home as usual, by declaring how much comfort, joy and reassurance it gave her to see so many Ambassadors. She spoke of how thrilled Holocaust survivors are that we exist to continue telling their stories.

This year marks 75 years since the liberation of Bergen-Belsen – I cannot believe how quickly another 5 years have passed – I remember attending the 70th liberation service with the HET as if it were only yesterday.

Pollock acknowledged that the passing of time is confining the Holocaust to History, however it is still relevant today – as we have seen these past few weeks – as Anti-Semitism, racism and prejudice still exists; we still have a fight on our hands.

BBC’s Nick Robinson followed up with a short message about his concerns regarding Coronavirus and the temptation for some individuals/groups to blame country/race for the virus (mentioning no names, *cough, Trump, cough*); solemnly pointing out “we know where that ends up.”

The same happened to the Jews and the Black Death 700+ years ago.

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