The Hitler Myth

The Hitler myth was created as a reaction to the weakness of the Weimar government. The Weimar government was failing to solve Germany’s problems. After WWI and the agreement to pay France reparations, Germany was becoming economically crippled. In an attempt to solve this, the Weimar government printed extra money. However, this was money Germany didn’t have, therefore the value of money decreased and Germany suffered from hyperinflation in addition to high unemployment after the war. This meant that people’s savings were lost and the economic crisis was worsened. This weakness of the Weimar government led to an emotional need for a strong government, which caused people to turn to extremist parties, the Nazi’s, as they believed Hitler would be the man to solve what the Weimar government couldn’t.

The Hitler myth was also created to contribute to Hitler’s popularity as the Furher. Hitler sustained the Nazi regime and brought the people of Germany together. Hitler was able to cover up the regime’s inconsistencies and failures on minor leaders. Because of this, people, including Hitler himself, believed that he was never wrong; this gave him freedom and radical momentum. In addition, Goebbels was obsessed with Hitler and enhanced the myth using propaganda, comparing him to Christ and creating footage of Hitler descending from the skies, giving the impression to the people that Hitler was sent by God to solve their problems and lead their country, leading to the creation of the Hitler myth.  

The Hitler myth was also created because Hitler was thought to be the man who could save Germany from suffering and restore the nation of its greatness. Because Germany was suffering from economic problems and unemployment, and because Hitler was shown as successful and a leader sent by God to rule Germany, the people of Germany believed that Hitler would be able to fix the problems they were currently facing. This was strengthened when Hitler provided Germany with rapid successes and tamed unemployment. In addition he also overturned the Treaty of Versailles, and therefore the reparations, which was giving Germany the economic problems. Hitler had claimed to represent the will of the German people, and his actions were genuinely what the people wanted. Therefore, the Hitler myth was created due to Hitler solving Germany’s current issues and restoring the nation.

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